Best Drinks to Enjoy with Sushi


As with any great meal, the drink next to your plate of sushi is almost as important as the sushi itself. For casual meals, like a light lunch, many prefer to simply have a glass of water on the table. After all, why take away from the sushi with a flavorful drink? However, many prefer to enhance the flavors of their sushi and other dishes with the perfect beverage. Here are just a few popular choices.

Perhaps the most common beverage to have with sushi is sake. This beer (not wine, as it is commonly mislabeled) has been crafted in Japan since the 3rd century BC. Because it is made from fermented rice, it is not traditionally enjoyed with sushi (or any rice dish) in Japan. However, it does enhance the flavor of sushi, which makes it a popular option stateside.

If sake isn’t your style, or is too heavy for your palate, there are many great Japanese beers that pair well with sushi. Japanese beers are typically light lagers that don’t have an overpowering flavor, but instead accent the dish. If Japanese beers aren’t available, any high-quality light lager will also pair well.

There are many wines that also drink well with sushi. In particular, koshu is a crisp, white wine that is made from the koshu grape, which has grown in Japan for over 1,000 years. Other dry and/or sparkling white wines also add to the flavor of sushi. For those who prefer red wine, a young red burgundy is generally the go-to.

Though popular, especially for evening meals, alcohol is definitely not necessary to fully enjoy sushi. Genmaicha tea is made from roasted brown rice, and offers a nutty companion to sushi. Of course, the ever-popular green tea is always a good option. It helps cleanse the palate in between different bites of sushi and offers a wealth of health benefits.

Of course, what kind of drink you should get also depends on the kind of sushi you order. The best way to get the most flavorful pairing is to trust the sushi masters at RuSans! Come in today to enjoy the full sushi menu at the best Japanese seafood restaurant in Kennesaw.

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