Is There a Right Way to Eat Sushi?


Of course you know how to eat. You’ve been feeding yourself for years. You put food on a piece of cutlery or pick it up with your fingers, put the food in your mouth, chew and swallow. It’s easy. That said, you are probably used to eating primarily in America. If you are going out for sushi, you may be interested in eating it the way it was meant to be eaten — in true Japanese style.

People are surprised to discover that there is a right way to eat the traditional dish. There will be nuances depending on what and where you are eating but, in general, there is a way to eat sushi correctly. Here is a brief tutorial for anyone interested.

1. No Order

The good news is there is no order in which sushi should be eaten. You can eat your favorite first or save it for last. Sometimes, the chef will decide which pieces are put on your plate first. Don’t be shy about asking for another piece of sushi that you found pleasurable. Just be sure to have a piece of ginger between each type to cleanse the palette!

2. Finger Food

While many will attempt to eat sushi with chopsticks, the correct way to eat it is by grasping it between your thumb and middle finger. Rotate the sushi counterclockwise and dip it in the soy sauce. Do not dip the rice, only the fish. Dipping the rice soaks up too much soy sauce and changes the texture. A quick note: If the sushi is already drizzled with sauce, don’t dip it.

3. On Your Tongue

Place the sushi in your mouth so that the fish side is down, making contact with your tongue first. This allows your tongue to absorb all of the flavors of the sushi. It is rare that a piece of sushi cannot be eaten in one bite, so go ahead and put the whole piece in your mouth.

At RuSans, we have trained sushi chefs that are always happy to see a new face. If you have questions about your sushi choices or how to properly enjoy your meal, please ask. Of course, you are welcome to eat your sushi just about any way you want — it’s your meal, after all! We want your dining experience with us to be both exciting and memorable. Come in and enjoy fresh sushi at the best Japanese seafood restaurant in Kennesaw!

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