What Kind of Sushi Should I Try?

Sashimi Assortment

Perhaps you have always wanted to try sushi. Maybe you’ve been out with friends and they have tried to talk you into trying some, but you were so overwhelmed you didn’t even know what to order. Here is a great way to decide what type of sushi to try for your first go around: just answer one simple question.

Do you like:

A. Crab in the form of a stick like you can buy in the grocery store

B. Fried tofu (because you would like to start your sushi journey sans raw fish)

C. Tuna

D. To broaden your horizons and experiment

For those of you who answered:

A. Give a california roll a try. This is easily the most popular type of sushi in America. It’s made with either real or imitation crab meat, sushi rice, cucumber, avocado and dried seaweed.

B. You aren’t ready to give raw fish a try, but you want to try sushi. Inarizushi is the perfect option. The sushi is made with double-fried and then boiled tofu. It is a sweet piece of sushi that includes tofu and sushi rice, nothing else.

C. If you like tuna, not the kind in a can, but the steak type, you will probably enjoy a tuna roll. A piece of raw tuna is rolled in sushi rice with an outer layer of nori, or dried seaweed.

D. You aren’t the type of person to dance around something new. You are the type of person to dive right in. If you want your first sushi experience to be with authentic raw fish, nigiri is your choice. You can have nigiri with tuna, salmon or even octopus.
It’s not unusual for people to decide they don’t like sushi based on a wrong choice at the beginning of their journey. By making a good beginner choice and building up from there, you will undoubtedly love the cuisine as much as anyone else, if not more. For the most authentic sushi around, make sure you visit RuSans to have a professionally-trained chef in the kitchen make your sushi at a top Japanese seafood restaurant in Kennesaw.

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