How Sake is Made

Sake is a beverage traditionally enjoyed with Japanese cuisine. Though many people enjoy the drink, few know the fastidious process of brewing it. Here is a quick tutorial on how your favorite rice beverage is made. 1. Sourcing The first step in making sake is sourcing the perfect ingredients. The beverage is made with rice and […]

Pepper Tuna

A Beginner’s Guide to Sushi

Sushi has become a popular dish in the United States. It’s so popular, in fact, that it’s hard to believe it isn’t considered a staple in our diets. American sushi restaurants first opened in the 1960s, but even then, the cuisine wasn’t as readily available as it is today. Now you can find your favorite sushi […]


What’s On a Plate of Sushi?

Your friends finally talked you into going out for sushi. You have wanted to try it, but had some misgivings about eating raw food. You are excited about your upcoming meal and ask the waiter to make a recommendation. When your plate arrives, you are a bit taken aback. You know what sushi is, but […]


How Sushi Rice is Made

When you order sushi, especially nigiri, it may seem almost miraculous that the rice can hold its form so well without feeling sticky in your mouth. The secret is all in how the rice is prepared. Sushi rice has largely been made the same way for centuries, with only a few changes here and there […]

Sushi & Nigiri

The Difference Between Nigiri and Sashimi

When you look through a RuSans menu, you’ll notice you have hundreds of options to choose from. Even on the list of sushi, there are dozens of different choices, from the kind of meat used to how it is served. On every sushi menu, you’ll see two different lists: nigiri and sashimi. Though the difference […]